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Interactive Lesson Guide for Astronomy: Cooperative Learning Activities, 2nd edition

The Learning Zone, Inc.
October 2001, 2nd edition

Based on research in physics and astronomy education.
Classrom tested in courses as large as 280 students.
Designed to accompany "Astro 101" courses.
Can be used as an astronomy lab manual.

Insights into the Universe (2003)

AstroNotes was started to give physics and astronomy teachers insightful approaches to engage their students. This book continues that tradition. Timeless ideas and classroom-proven strategies will help the novice teacher and the seasoned pro find more effective ways to teach astronomy. Many of the articles focus on a single concept. Nearly all embody a new slant on teaching a topic. Use this book to help invigorate your astronomy class.

Astronomy: The Evolving Universe (9th edition)

Now published by Cambridge University Press, the 9th edition of Astronomy: The Evolving Universe features Celestial Navigators for each chapter. These concept maps, based on classroom research and assessment, guide students to the "Big Picture" of the astronomical universe.

This edition won a 2003 Texty Award in the physical sciences from the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA).

Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics (4th edition)

The classic textbook for advanced undergraduate astrophysics courses taken by astrophysics and physics majors. Designed for a one-semester course, IA&A can be used in a two semester sequence with supplementary materials.

This edition features a "Physics Prelude" that gives basic concepts used in the book in a Chapter 0.