Michael Zeilik

Michael Zeilik wins 2002 Education Award from the American Astronomical Society

The American Association of Physics Teachers awards Michael Zeilik the 2003 prize for excellence in physics teaching

Astronomy: The Evolving Universe (9th edition) wins a 2003 Texty Award

Review of the 9th edition

"A slick introductory textbook that vaguely resembles a really thick Discover magazine. Zeilik...presents each topic in a patient, engaging manner..."
Book News

Active Astronomy (and Physics!) for Active Minds

New Hubble Space Telescope image of the spiral galaxy Messier 81.

Classroom assessment and a conceptual approach increases achievement!

It's true! When measured by a conceptual assessment (such as the Force Concept Inventory in physics or the Astronomy Diagnostic Test), conceptual gains increase by 50% or more—sometimes even double.

The 10th edition of Astronomy: The Evolving Universe has been delayed. My apologies.

Selected Works

Interactive Lesson Guide for Astronomy: Cooperative Learning Activities, 2nd edition
Another quality product in the Active Learning Astronomy Series
Insights into the Universe (2003)
Edited by Timothy F. Slater and Michael Zeilik. This book is a collection of AstroNotes columns and related articles from The Physics Teacher.
Astronomy: The Evolving Universe (9th edition)
Revised and streamlined, this edition features materials based on astronomy education research.
Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics (4th edition)
A classic revised and updated with co-author Steve Gregory.

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